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Rudder Kit - Tridents, P13, PBG 2013 Overview

Rudder kit for Tridents, Prowler 13, Prowler Big Game and Tetras MANUFACTURED IN 2013

Rudders are especially helpful to trim your kayak in high winds or currents. This kit includes detailed instructions and all the hardware you will need to install a rudder.

Required tools you will need include a drill with 3/8" & 13/64" bits, rivet gun, 4" hole saw, lighter, crimper or pliers, wire cutter, hot glue gun, #2 Phillips screwdriver, 7/16" & 3/8" wrench, knife or scissors, tape, silicone, safety goggles and a 3-4 foot long strip of wire (ex. straightened coat hanger).

If you have questions do not hesitate to contact your nearest Ocean Kayak dealer or Ocean Kayak customer service at 800-8-KAYAKS or
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USD$ 299.99 Item is available.


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